Mt. Rinjani Trekking

Mt. Rinjani 3726m asl, 3Days/2nights trek offering amazing experiences, visiting rim crater, summit, lake and hotspring.
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Komodo Island Tour

The 5D/4N is the most fantastic experience to explore the dragon, including 1 night in Bali island of the gods.
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Lombok Kayaking

Kayaking is the best way to explore the island, Lombok sea kayaking expedition paddling from one small island to the next. We will visit people that have rarely seen outsiders, snorkel beautiful reefs and sample delicious sea food.
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A subtle change of Scenery
East of Bali lies a vast chain of rugged island called Nusa Tenggara whose live main islands are Lombok, sumbawa, sumba Flores and Timur.

Quite different in scenery and character to the lush, equatorial nature of Bali they are. Nevertheless, a rich treasure trove of interest for travelers Intent upon new discoveries and thoroughly unhurried, escapist sojourn into the bargain.

The Natural beauty of Lombok
The deep strait separating Bali from eastern neighbor Lombok is believed to be the dividing line between Asia and Australia in geologic times, Contrasts between the two islands are marked, Bali lush, equatorial; Lombok drier, more rugged and with completely different cast of flora and fauna.

Lombok retains all its pristine beauty and features some of the most spectacular geology on the planet. Easily reached by ferry or plane from Jakarta, Surabaya,Bali or just direct from Singapore, the island has stretched by superb natural beach, fascinating local Villages, ancient temples and palaces.

For unforgettable experience catch the sunrise on the summit of Mount Rinjani and make point of visiting the stunning Sindang Gile waterfall.

Lombok is dominated by the volcanic Rinjani Mountain which last erupted in 1901 leaving caldera over two miles. Although not for the faint-hearted, trek to this spectacular site can be undertaken by those reasonable fit and in search of a special experience.

Rinjani Trekking Information

The Mount Rinjani offers the adventures, awesome scenery, waterfall, rain forest, wildlife, hot spring, caves, demanding hiking, pristine lake, interesting culture and of course a volcano.

Gunung Rinjani is considered by all in Lombok and Bali as sacred. it is believed that the gods properties. it s for these reasons that the trek up Rinjani is far more important than just the climb itself; it is a pilgrimage to the god and all their powers.

We takes the groups through this wonderful National Park to the Summit, Lake and Rim of Mountain Rinjani. We are the most professionals trekking company on the Island of lombok which allow us to take you that much further to the summit of truly magnificent Mountain
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Meet a modern day dinosaur
The Nusa Tenggara Island is rich in history and culture. One island, however, is particularly famous for being the home at the world’s largest reptile, the Komodo dragon. These huge monitor lizard are nephews and nieces of the dinosaur, so it will come as no surprise to discover they are capable of swallowing a small water buffalo in one sitting.

Fortunately their tastes do not extend to tourists ( if you are careful!). Further east of komodo island is the island of flores. Here the true essences of the ancient eastern trades mingle. Sandal wood, ebony, palm and taro scent the air while the trio of volcanic lake on Mount Kelimutu ( which appear chameleon –like in different colors from burgundy red to turquoise green ) are a sight which does wonders for the soul. More Info >>

Lombok Hotel Information
So, selamat datang, Here in Lombok, we greet you with Open arms, we embrace you with friendship and we entreat you to fall in love with our alluring presence. Lombok offering variety of accommodation types, from 5 star to basic backpackers Hotel. More info >>

we look forwards your lovely times with us


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2D/1N To Crater Rim   (Classic Holiday Trek)
2D/1N To Summit / Top (Clasic Trek)
3D/2N To Lake & Summit (Pro)
4D/3N To Lake & Summit (Fun Trek)
Rinjani 3D/2N Package (2D/1N Trek + 1 night Hotel)
Rinjani 4D/3N package (3D/2N Trek + 1 night Hotel)
Rinjani 5D/4N Package (4D/3N Trek + 1 night Hotel)
Asian/Singaporean Package (4D/3N trek + 2 night Hotel + Gili Tour)


4D/4N Komodo Boat Trips
(Every Monday & Thursday)
Bali - Flores - Komodo
(flight from Bali, private)
(Cross Sumbawa Island)
One Day to Komodo (Charter flight from Lombok)


Gili Nangggu Trips
(Kayaking in secret islands)
North Gilis Trip
(Trawangan, Meno and Air)
Fun Kayak trips
(Senggigi & beyond 3-4hrs)

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