Mt. Rinjani Trekking

Mt. Rinjani 3726m asl, 3Days/2nights trek offering amazing experiences, visiting rim crater, summit, lake and hotspring.
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Komodo Island Tour

The 5D/4N is the most fantastic experience to explore the dragon, including 1 night in Bali island of the gods.
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Lombok Kayaking

Kayaking is the best way to explore the island, Lombok sea kayaking expedition paddling from one small island to the next. We will visit people that have rarely seen outsiders, snorkel beautiful reefs and sample delicious sea food.
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Welcome to Lombok & The sleeping Beauty

There is a motto in vogue among tourism officials and operators in Lombok :   ‘bali can be seen in Lombok, but Lombok cannot be seen in bali’

The point implied is that there are many aspects of Bali that Lombok also offers, but nothing of Lombok that can be seen in Bali. There is much of Bali, indeed, in Lombok. Nevertheless, Lombok is definitely a place which caries its own distinct identity.

Lombok has been called the “ sleeping Beauty” of the region. A western visitor to Lombok once described it as a “ sweet young maiden village’ looking at the world from the corners of her sparkling eyes.

  we invite you to come and having unforgettable times during your holiday in lombok, we guarantee to provide the highest standard of service within the limitation of the destination involved.

A sample Itinerary Lombok " DAILY TOURS"

01. DL-T 01: CITY TOUR (4 hrs)
A half day Tours covering some destinations in Matarm Lombok:
Mayura: The Royal floating palace ( Bale Kambang ) of the former Balinese kingdom which was built in 1714.
Banyu Mulek: One of many pottery villages where clay pots for daily use, unique in style and high in quality is made by hand.
Sukarare: This is a village where you see a tradition hand weaving in well cared. They weave gold and silver thread to be traditional Songket cloth with very simple looms.
Narmada: This historical place use to be a palace of Anak Agung Gede Ngurah, one of Balinese King which was built in 1805. Here you see a miniature of Mount Rinjani and Segara Anak Lake. This related a ritual of the king in his life who used to worship on top of mount Rinjani, which he believed as a sacred one.
Lingsar Temple: This is unique and sacred temple of two beliefs, Hindus and Moslem Waktu telu who worship together in one place for their own belief. It's built around 1714.

Visiting :
- Senggigi Hotel
- Banyumulek Village (Pottery)
- Sukarara Village (Weaving)
- Sasak Traditional House
- Kuta Beach Tour – Lunch Time
- Mawun Beach, Swimming – Relaxing
- Back to the hotel

After picking you up from the hotels you stay overnight in Senggigi or somewhere else in Lombok, you will be taken to sunrise direction in the middle part of this island to be immersed in the beauty of the most Exotic Earthen Ware Ceramic called “ Banyumulek Village.

We are confident that you are interested in spending your money to buy original product of Sasak Tribes and it will be gladly consoled by taking you around the village to see over the Genuine Traditional House by Local Historical Guide which is already available there...while spending your time shortly to weave together with the local women in the package called “ Weaving Short Training” and afterwards we are heading to the Art Shops to select woven product in any patterns and motives as much as you like.

By afternoon, your next destination is heading towards one of the villages which becomes the first ancestor of existing Lombok Inhabitants in form of Original Landscape by the time they firstly stepped on Lombok Island until now...seeing how strong they preserve their Old Traditional House of Lombok, that village is called “ SADE”. The exotic Landscape site and the way they store rice production in the storage which has never been decayed by the times.

Enjoying your relaxe times in Lombok, we will take you to distant place far from the hectic life where the white sandy Beach will increase your comforts while having your lunch in the restaurants along Kuta Beach.
When you bring your kids with, Kuta is one of the most favorite places to indulge them swimming in this warm & No deep Beach with wonderful atmosphere surroundings. And you can proceed to head towards the deeper place called “ Mawun Beach” which it takes a few minutes from Kuta Beach...if you have no more words to represent your pleasure while swimming and relaxing there, you can text and tell us how this gorgeous beach impress you much at

03. DL-T 03: GOING TO COUNTRY SIDES ( 6 hrs )
- Hotel
- Nyiur Baya Village (traditional Ketak Hand Craft)
- Karang Bayan Village
- Rise Terrace View
- Benang stokel waterfall
- Back to hotel

If you want to leer at the frame of suburban people which is intensely immersed in unique traditional activities where they still preserve a tradition of making craft products from bambo for any household needs, amenities, house design interior since the Lombok Kingdom ever ruled over this island.

Nyiur Baya is a place where plaited works (Elephant grass) be found and offer you some souvenirs and other exclusive products. Its so proud, isn't it? if you can buy original product of its place...we then proceed to exotic village near by slope of the hills to indulge your eyes with spectacular rice terraces view and fantastic waterfall of benag stokel before going back to your hotel where Lombok will cover you with its night comfort of this tropical island which puts you to sleep nicely...
04. DL-T 04: WATERFALL TOUR ( 8 hrs )
- Hotel
- Pusuk Pass (friendly monkey)
- Sasak Village in Segenter (Wetu Telu Moslem)
- Senaru Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep Water Fall (Lunch Time)
- Back to Hotel

This package offer is to pick you up heading to Lombok Fresh Air that you sniff is partly from all routes we are passing thru. Here the apes will welcome you along the road which cuts across their habitat in Pusuk Monkey Forest, your eyes will be indulged by two beauties namely high hills and pristine scenery of Beach in Lombok. Afterwards our teams will proceed to old site history of existence of Lombok ancestors who firstly stepped their feet on Bayan, dwelling in Segenter Village until this day they still preserve their varied secularities that were partly spread.

They are part of old tradition site called “ Wetu Telu” or “Islam with 3 times in prayer”, you can look at the typical construction in thatched roof along with their alive primitive behaviour which’s far from the modernization. Its then so interesting if you continue to Senaru heading to the Famous Waterfall called “ Sendang Gila and Tiu Kelep ”, you are challenged to explore it! While you could get relax and have your lunch time there even if this waterfall is not as big as other places, but the beauty of its hilly area’s atmosphere surrounding and it’s automatically hardly killed in your memory and getting back to the hotel is the end of this program.
Tours Rates include: Air-conditioned Transportation as indicated in the program. for individual traveler driver guide are used, which in the case of group of minimum 15 pass angers qualified English speaking Guide are used, guide speaking other languages are available upon request and at additional cost admissions fees meals when indicated in the program.

we look forwards your lovely times with us


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